Systems Integration heralds new era for Food Processors with breakthrough technology deals

Leading UK food software specialist, Systems Integration (SI), has agreed partnering deals with prepared food, meat processors, fish & seafood, catering butchers and snack businesses in 2018, heralding a major move to technology driven processing in the food industry.  

“With integrated solutions now clearly the method of choice for being audit ready, food processors have now also been exposed to the additional benefits technology can deliver.
Rob Stephens, CEO, Systems Integration.

Focused on real-time shop floor data capture and integrated reporting, the new deals reflect a wider industry move towards:

Always audit ready with SI technology

As Rob Stephens, CEO of Systems Integration explains:

“From a discovery perspective, we have seen more and more businesses question ‘What technology can do for them?’

“This is why at SI, we have seen breakthrough partnering deals across the industry, involving a high level of collaboration, for very different reasons.

Whilst all of our customers need information to support sales order processing and audits, for fixed weight producers like cheese and meat processors, the ability to reduce giveaway can be a major profit contributor.

“Equally, for fresh produce businesses, the importance of stock control and quality assurance for highly perishable goods, has led to a much greater focus on integration and barcode/labelling technologies.

Drive to eliminate manual processes and minimise operator error

“So as more businesses look at very specific parts of their processes, there has been a much bigger drive to solve individual issues and wherever possible, eliminate manual processes, which often lead to mistakes being made.

“I believe this is why we are seeing a much greater interest in technology and a growing understanding of the benefits it can offer, this is ultimately leading to increased enquiries and deals that are supporting our continued growth and recruitment plans.”

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