Food processors set to benefit from advanced integrated reporting suite launch

Systems Integration (SI), one of the UK’s leading food processing software specialists, is giving a boost to food producers, with the launch of an integrated reporting suite complete with tailorable dashboards, at Foodex 2018

The solution combines both real-time and historic data, allowing businesses to drill down to interrogate a whole range of information, including product performance and margins, sales, customer orders and trends, present it in both dashboard display and report form.

Commenting on the new advanced reporting, Paul Marston, technical reporting specialist for Systems Integration said: “The new reporting will give businesses large and small the kind of data analytics that have only been possible for those with large IT budgets and in-house specialist resources.

“What is really different about this new approach, is that is it not just focused on one area, like a spreadsheet on sales for example. Firstly, real-time reports can transform data into a visual snapshot of ‘the here and now’. In turn, they can be displayed on tailorable dashboards to help specific operatives to better understand what they are doing, enabling them to make real-time profitable decisions, like reducing the giveaway on fixed weight products.

“Secondly, by combining the usability of Microsoft Power BI software and SRS reporting, with our shop floor data capture and technical know-how, our SI staff are now able to integrate multiple data streams from across the whole business, to deliver singular powerful dashboards set up to drive business KPIs.

These visually based KPI dashboards are capable of collating and interpreting vast amounts of data, giving the end-user an immersive experience.  For example, powerful sales analytics dashboards can drill down from topline sales to individual per product, per customer, per sales person information, which can be quickly analysed against KPI’s and margins.

“The power behind the speed of this type of dashboard is far reaching, as it is not a singular report that would be used by an individual, it is accessible from multiple devices and locations. For example, for SMEs without large in-house IT teams, this tailorable reporting delivers really valuable information to decision makers. This will ultimately give SMEs a competitive advantage that has long been out of their grasp.

For more information on the new integrated reporting suite and dashboards from SI visit Stand S290 at Foodex and talk to Paul Marston or one of our expert team. Alternatively, email or visit