Integreater Food ERP

Everything we do at SI (Systems Integration) is geared around helping our customers run their perishable food businesses as efficiently as possible. It’s why SI’s customers rely on our food ERP and modular – Integreater. Our food ERP provides superior levels of control throughout their businesses, whilst enabling them to fulfil customer expectations.

Integreater food ERP Plus is rich with features developed just for the food processing industry.

Image of food erp roundel.
Our renowned food processing software provides everything that you would expect from a comprehensive ERP system. But, because food processing is the only sector we work within, we’re totally focused on finding ways to make your food manufacturing operations even more efficient. We continuously learn from and collaborate with leading manufacturing companies right across the UK, Republic of Ireland, USA and Canada. Then, we apply our industry knowledge and our technical know-how to develop new solutions designed to make your perishable food manufacturing operations even more effective and profitable. SI’s Food ERP allows you to manage all the back-office functions you would expect. In addition to managing your purchasing, sales and reporting, our ERP also integrates seamlessly with market-leading accounting solutions.

ERP with a “plus”

But, with SI, it’s the ‘Plus’ that makes the difference. This is because our expert knowledge of food production and reporting provides you with data-driven insights, proven to deliver performance improvements across business operations. Whether your business needs a new ERP solution, an upgrade to your existing package, or greater integration with your current system, look no further.

SI’s ERP Plus and modular software:

  • Enhances integration with customer and supplier systems.
  • Eliminates data duplication, with our ‘One Version of the Truth’ SI hub.
  • Resolves specific food manufacturing processing problems by making the most of our renowned real-time shop-floor data capture.
And with a customer hotline managed by trained technicians who really  understand, and have direct experience of working within the food processing industry. By working with us and using our specialist Integreater food ERP and modular software, your food processing business will be able to make informed, effective decisions and fine-tune your operations in real-time. With an SI ERP Plus system, you also open the door to benefit from greater integration across your whole business, with modular software developed just for your sector. Our MES shop-floor data capture led solutions, real-time planning, all seamlessly linking into ERP Plus. For more information about the SI food ERP difference, contact