Stock Tracker

Transform your business operations with an instant view of on-hand stock, available stock and shelf life status

In the perishable goods processing business, the accuracy of stock management data is essential. Profit margins will be quickly compromised without data to understand the nature of all short shelf-life products, stock rotation and the specialist levels of care required.

Companies traditionally apply significant and costly manual resources to collect a snapshot of the stock at a particular point in time, the benefit of which is degraded by the effect of continual fluctuation. This makes stock data expensive to collect, quickly redundant, and prone to inaccuracy. SI’s Stock Module is a powerful tool to enable accuracy and a clear view across stock management: from intake, raw materials, work in progress, finished and dry goods, through to shelf and least life validation and soft allocation. It can be updated in real-time through the use of wireless devices, such as touchscreens and PDAs. You are assured of the relevance and reliability of stock inventory data and the collection process. Users can validate stock by scanning pallet and item barcodes, making better use of labour resources.

“With a live stock view our customers always know exactly what they’ve got in stock, how to rotate it correctly and ensure product doesn’t go out of date.” Rob Stephens, Managing Director, SI

Integreater® Tracker provides an instant view of on-hand stock, available stock, stock shelf life status: you know the exact age of all stock and where it is. This enhanced ease and accuracy of stock management delivers significant time and cost savings allowing our customers to improve output.

“Our stock tracker solution has transformed many of our customers’ business operations.” Rob Stephens, Managing Director at SI explained. “Typical results includes a vast reduction in the number of claims made, in terms of deliveries not matching what was on the paperwork, and a greatly improved ability to get the product out the door faster. With a live stock view they always know exactly what they’ve got in stock, how to rotate it correctly and ensure product doesn’t go out of date.”

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