Reduce your cheese giveaway by one-third

Both cheesemakers and processors have the same problem; it comes down to the difficulty they have with uncovering the true cost of giveaway and its impact on the bottom line.

The answer lies in having the right information, at the right time. This is why we have technical reporting specialists like Paul Marston, who work with customers to develop reports based on real-time information that combines data from our integrated planning, forecasting and production modules.

“Being able to reduce giveaway by 50% is not uncommon, as it’s often the case that businesses don’t think they have a giveaway issue, until they see our combined real-time reports, showing potential six figure savings.”
Paul Marston, SI Technical Expert.

As Paul explains, “Unless you have the right data in a usable format, you can never have the right information you need to hand, to ensure the cheese profile and product suitability meets your customer specification every time. Our reports and dashboards can show giveaway and costed giveaway, right down to the detail of the product codes.

“Equally, unless you have specialist applications, like our yield manager, you can’t predict margins before the raw materials are processed and determine the blocks should be used to account for all variants and complexities. But, because we understand each of the steps in both the cheese make and cheese processing sectors, how and when to capture weight, when it comes to yield, we can combine data into useful information to optimise raw materials, reduce waste and maximise profit margins.

“In addition, as yield specifications can be set for each product, and performance measured by comparing actual results against these criteria. Our software can then deliver real-time information, through dashboards and reports, to immediately alert operators to any discrepancies or for further analysis. All of this adds up to improved margins, thanks to increased yield and reduced cheese giveaway.”

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